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Get local Ghana news online at the tip of your fingers with the website MyJoyOnline, a news company which posts about Ghana news as well international events at


MyJoyOnline is an online new website which curates local news from Ghana which encompasses several categories. The company also works on international news and events but focuses on Ghana. With a team of experienced journalists together with web developers, the website is determined to bring news from Ghana to an online platform at

Categories of News offered at Ghana News Online categorizes the news that they post in different ways depending on the nature of the news. These categories are listed below as can be seen online.

  1. News
  2. Politics
  3. Sports
  4. Business
  5. Entertainment
  6. World
  7. Elections

MyJoyOnline also runs an Opinion section in addition to this service. As a user of this website you can share your own opinions on recent events and news stories. The online platform can be used to mention social norms as well as cultural customs on the news platform and get it published online at

Media Galleries available at Ghana News Online

MyJoyOnline also provides its users with access to audio, video, and picture galleries from local events and news stories in Ghana and internationally. Users of the website can use audio galleries to catch their favorite radio interviews, whereas the video galleries feature various Talk Shows, News Headlines, and event coverages.

Contacting MyJoyOnline for Support and Help

If you wish to contact MyJoyOnline for their customer support, simply scroll down their page and click ‘Contact us’. The company also has online social media accounts on various websites including Facebook and Instagram as well as others. In addition to this, MyJoyOnline also allows and encourages users to post their feedback to articles and news stories by clicking the link ‘Feedback’ in the footer of the web page.

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