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Photo Notice, an online source for approaching division of Redflex Traffic Systems, allows all citizens to watch online video for red-light violations. This system checks red signal violations of motor drivers and send them traffic tickets to their addresses. If you wish to watch your online video for your red-light violation, go to

WHAT IS PHOTO NOTICE? is a division of Redflex Traffic Systems which provides drivers with a red light violation video online viewing service. This website provides privacy and protection. Drivers who have received a printed traffic citation for running a red light can go to to view their red light violation video online by entering some required information. It is a good way to avoid red light violation and then you verify that the information in your traffic citation is complete and correct. Online viewing of your red light violation video is easy, fast and secure. You can view it whenever and wherever you want.


Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. is a division of Reflex Holdings in the United States that provides vehicle camera monitoring and traffic law enforcement services to police departments. The company’s traffic monitoring system is based on both fixed and mobile cameras that record videos of traffic violations. These videos are then cross-referenced with license plate records. After a violation is filmed, traffic citations are sent to the person that is registered for that license plate.


  • You must have Internet connection.
  • You must have electronic device like Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet or mobile phone.
  • You must have received a written traffic citation in your Email.


  1. To check your traffic tickets, visit the link of the website
  2. Enter your “citation number”, “license plate number” and “city code” in the boxes.
  3. Click on “Login” button
  4. To see your video of red light violation follow the instructions.
  5. If you are having any problem or trouble relating to your red light violation video, go to FAQ page where you can get all the answers of your problems.


  • By viewing your red light violation video at, you can see the details of your red light violation and perhaps you will learn a lesson! Next time you will not make the same mistakes.
  • It is safe, secure and easy access at any time.

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