My ClinCard Account Login

My ClinCard Account allows you to access a systematically combined database containing a list of genealogical resources with well-integrated links to other databases comprised of information of various users and web pages that provides access to ClinCard surnames. My ClinCard at works very systematically to collect and store user information, whenever any new records of essential elements are discovered or any original documents found including ancient pictures, vintage pieces or DNA- samples, their portal is immediately update to include the information on newly discovered objects.

You’re my ClinCard account can be accessed at which leads directly to the login portal page for ease of the users.

My ClinCard Login Procedure

Follow the guidelines below to create an account My ClinCard and access the latest collected information online at one portal:

  • Open the following URL in your web browser.
  • You will be redirected to the My ClinCard Login portal page. Locate and click the link “Create an Account here”. You will then be redirected to the My ClinCard registration page.
  • Enter your My ClinCard card number. Select a username and password by entering in the marked fields.
  • Finally confirm password and click the green button “Register Account’ to complete the registration process

Once you have successfully created your account at My ClinCard, you can visit the login portal page again and enter your My ClinCard username and password in the respective spaces and hit the green login button below to sign in. In case you have forgotten your My ClinCard username or password, click the link “Forgot username and password” on the login portal page, you will then be asked to enter your registered email address and press send. Your login details will then be emailed to you.

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