Fill the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey and win amazing vouchers

Every person in this world has a different choice when it comes to eating. If you love junk food, you can easily get your hands on it as it is available all over the world in a wide variety. There are a number of place around you that provide you with the most amazing junk food ever. However, if you like something which is a bit complicated to get, you have to look around and search for it. This goes for the steak! If you love steak, finding a place from where you will get the yummiest one is tricky. However, if you have an outlet of LongHorn Steakhouse somewhere around you, you can get your hands on the most scrumptious steaks ever. It is that one place that provides you with amazing food and the side items are also worth going for. Known for its amazing food, LongHorn Steakhouse is a wholly owned subsidy that has been providing its customers with amazing food since 1981 when it was founded. The company works in the industry of restaurants and falls in the genre of steak house. Its first outlet was started in Georgia and toll now it has made a lot of outlets all over the world.

Be a part of the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey:

The company has now come up with a survey for its customers. The name of the survey is LongHorn Steakhouse Survey and it is effective for not only the customers but also the company. The company gets to know about the honest reviews about its products while the people who are a part of the survey get their hands on amazing discount vouchers and gift vouchers from the company. By answering the simple questions asked by the company, you can get your hands on vouchers worth fifty to hundred dollars.

Rate the food: is the link that will help you in entering the survey. Once you have entered, you will be able to go ahead and answer the questions by putting in the survey code. The code can be found from the receipt of the last order made to the company. Once entered, go ahead and answer the asked questions. You will be asked to rate the food offered to you on its appearance, taste, portion size and temperature. After that, you are supposed to give some personal information such as your first name, home address, city and state.


Overall, the company has more than four lack and eighty-eight thousand outlets all over the world. This is surely a huge amount and tells about the popularity of this organization. The areas that are served by the company are the entire of the United States of America, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico. The most famous items offered by the company to its customers are that of the steaks and chicken. Along with that, the burgers and salads of the company are also quite famous. If you are a lover of the steaks, you definitely need to visit this place at least once and try out the food offered there.

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