Team Care Health Plan Login Procedure

Find a health provider and get aware of other health services with Team Care Health Plan. Which lets you make a fully informed decision regarding your health. Visit the website at, and login to your Team Care Health Plan account by following the instructions guide given below.

About Team Care Health Plan

Team Care Health Plan provides help, support, and information regarding your health. With the help of services provided by the Team Care Health Plan, you can find yourself a health provider, health care services, and special medical care center. All of which are within your reach, both financially and geographically. So that you can take care of your health with any worries. Visit the website at, and create your own account of Team Care Health Plan. So that you can manage, document, and keep track of your health in a most effective manner. Other than medical health care, Team Care Health also provides life insurances services and gives detailed information regarding the policies so that you can decide and choose the best option for yourself.

Team Care Health Plan Login Procedure

Described below are the step by step instruction guide. Follow the steps to successfully access your Team Care Health Plan

  1. On your computer, open the web browser and visit the Team, Care Health Plan homepage, by visiting the URL,
  2. The link will direct you straight to the Team Care Health Plan homepage.
  3. One the homepage you will find a ‘Log-in’ bar which contains logins links for various personals. You can log in as, participants, Employer, Providers, and unions.
  4. Click on the respective login link which describes your position with the Team Care Heath Plan.
  5. The link will direct you to the login page. Where by entering your Username and password you can log in by clicking the ‘Log-In) button.
  6. If you haven’t registered yet and want to make an account, then click on the green ‘Register/Create an Account’ link given at the end of the login page.
  7. Provide your personal information as well as your contact information.
  8. After you have activated your account then follow the steps given above to access your account.

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