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Do you often find yourself speeding and getting in trouble? Too impatient for all those red lights when you need to get somewhere fast? Or perhaps you are generally a careful driver and just had a bad day which led to your first red-light violation ticket? Maybe, none of these options apply to you at all, and you received a ticket without having done anything wrong at all. If you believe you were wrongly accused and wish to dispute your ticket, but still need to confirm your innocence, you can visit PhotoNotice, at, and look at your red-light violation video. Once you have reviewed the evidence and made sure that the PhotoNotice ticket was given without any wrongdoing, you may take the ticket to the court and dispute it. If, however, you find yourself faced with clear evidence of your violation, you have the option to pay your ticket through PhotoNotice as well, via online payment, which is also available at the same website.

How to Check Your PhotoNotice Ticket

To check your PhotoNotice ticket and review your red-light violation, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the following URL from your browser: This will take you to the main page of PhotoNotice.
  2. The default language of the website is English, but you can change it to Spanish by clicking on “International” at the top, right corner of the page and selecting “Spanish”.
  3. Enter your City Code and the Citation Number in the given spaces. The Citation Number can be found on your printed citation.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. View your red-light violation video.

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