Get Pearson MyHistoryLab Account Registration

You can create your very own account with Pearson MyHistoryLab at easily and quickly. You will be able to set up an account as a student or as an educator. With an Educator or Administrator Account you will be able to Get Trained, Offer Support to your students, and teach using learning tools that are customizable and personalized to your needs. As a student, you can create a better learning experience to help you achieve sizable goals.


Pearson’s goal is to help every student succeed. They are working with educators and institutions to improve results for students everywhere.It is used by more than 11 million students each year. Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering programs deliver consistent, measurable gains in student learning outcomes, retention, and subsequent course success.


  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or PC.
  • You should have good internet connectivity.


  1. Go to Pearson MyHistoryLab website at
  2. If you are already registered, click on Sign in option on the right side of the page.
  3. Provide your Username.
  4. Enter your password for the account.
  5. Click on sign in.

In case you forgot your username or Password.

  1. Click on forgot Username or Password option.
  2. Enter your email address. They’ll send you your username and a link to reset your password.
  3. Click on Send email.

If you want to register with Pearsons as a student.

  1. Click on Student option on the right side under register title.
  2. To register as a student, enter email address.
  3. Enter your Course ID.
  4. Enter your access code or Credit card.
  5. If you are an Australian customer, click on the related option on the page.
  6. By providing the requirements you can register as student.

If you want to register with Pearsons as an Educator.

  1. Click on the Educator option on the right side under register title.
  2. You will be provided with two options. Select the option that suits your interest.
  3. Enter your Course ID.
  4. Enter your Access code for registration.

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