Hire the Best and most effective Staff through MyKelly Services

MyKelly Services is working globally to provide the organizations with the best suitable workforce, to help flourish their businesses. Visit the website at, www.mykelly.com and use the General guidelines described further regarding MyKelly Services.

About www.MyKelly.com Services

Founded in 1964, with the motto ‘We Invest in People’, MyKelly Services are working to arrange workforce for various organization. They help industries and other companies find workforce and staff for their companies. The need of an organization like MyKelly services has increased over the years since unemployment is rising and on the other hand, organizations lack the effective and efficient staff to meet the demands of the society. In such conditions, MyKelly services can lend a hand in the benefit of the society, firstly by providing the organizations with staff that is most suitable with regards to the functioning of the company. And secondly, they help skillful people find decent jobs. Therefore, visit the website at www.mykelly.com to find the most efficient and suitable staff for your company.

General Guidelines Regarding MyKelly Services

Below are some general guidelines and services to familiarize you MyKelly Services:

  • On your computer, open your web browser and visit the MyKelly Services’ website at, www.mykelly.com.
  • Once the homepage of the website loads, Select your country from the provided drop down menu.
  • Click ‘Go to MyKelly’ button after selecting your country.
  • Doing so will take you the website’s homepage that is functioning in your country.
  • At the top of the website, there are three drop-down menus: KELLY101, CAREER, PERKS, CONTACT US.
  • KELLY101 is the link which provides all the general/basic information regarding working with Kelly services. Like what is required of you, the information regarding the company you will be working for, information about Getting paid and more.
  • The website also provides the link to ePaystub, which is the electronic paystub service of Kelly Services, using which you can manage your earnings’ statements and keep a record.
  • The log-in to the ePaystub services is given at the top of the website.
  • For more information, visit the ‘CONTACT US’ drop down menu and choose the medium to contact MyKelly Services for any other queries you have.

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