was founded in December 2014, with enthusiasm for the information technology. The website features IT and new technology news, reviews, opinions, blogs, downloading, computer lessons, products, tricks and tips. is one of the Dot360 Technologies Network websites. is now a thriving site with four full-time employees, a night editor and a number of freelancers. Besides getting the writing of daily news, reviews, software-hardware and app discussions we spend on attention to tips, tricks and explanations to get more for your smartphones.

This website is divided into several categories: News, Reviews, Comparison, Games, Tips, Mobiles Prices & Specifications and Videos.

The site was created around a single slogan: “If you don’t know: demand. If you know: Share!”

The site changes intended to inform the public about the current revolutions in current or future that are related to the field of digital and new technologies, and under different aspects: technical, practical, legal, financial or even cultural. All is in clear, simple and independent manners.

Our team of journalists and experts works every day to deal with what is happening in the computer components manufacturers, among the giants of the web, in startups at national or local level, but also in ministries and other places power. All in order to critically analyze the developments that is going to upset some of our daily lives.

We also provide online monthly analysis on the background and records allow us to address these issues with hindsight, allowing you to better understand them. The team of our labs also dissects every week new products and new services on the market.

The community aspect of the site is also one of its essential elements. Registration, simple and free, allows everyone to comment on our content, but also to interact with other members through our forum. Everyone is free to propose information, a topic, and a link or even a good deal. Over time, we have also implemented a number of sites and services to offer our readers to go beyond the information we publish each day.


We write on on the following topics:

  • News about IT and new technologies.
  • App discussions. We make a selection of the best apps that appear daily. Virtually all the apps that we discuss, we ourselves tested.
  • iOS Tips: advice to get more from your iPhone or iPad.
  • The impact of Apple and iOS on industries, professions and social groups.
  • Insight: we explain what new developments mean for ordinary user.
  • Summary: We ensure that no one has to miss important news, thanks to the daily section Today and the weekly column App Missed.
  • Mobile Specifications; Mobile and other devices Reviews
  • Up-to-date about games
  • Game reviews
  • How To’s articles

EDITORIAL OFFICE was founded by Sheikh Usman, Jonathan Strauss and Veronica Robert, initially alongside our work as freelance journalists. News editor Jennifer Margaret came along. In 2014, Jennifer was active as a full-time editor. In 2014, Veronica Roberts helped us as a marketing manager from the launch of the website.

INDEPENDENCE stands with both feet on the ground and trying to be as fair and balanced as possible to report on developments related to IT. That means you’ll encounter at both good and bad news. Because of financial dependence of these affiliate programs we have (of course under protest) responded to in order not to jeopardize the continued existence of our website. We further explained why we made this choice. operates independently, but it is important to emphasize the nuances therein. It can only go well with as it continues to deliver great products and in that sense we are also editorially independent. This is inextricably linked with our choice to write about the products of one company. But it does not mean that at one big good news story is we write regularly critical of Apple and focus attention on working conditions, security threats, risks and missteps.